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About Us

Attract LLC – Designs, develops, and deploys visually creative real world solutions making industry, small businesses, private equity and Fortune 500 companies digitally marketable.

Our team’s powerful elements consist of backgrounds in business management, consulting, multi media production and industry wide art direction. Combining over 25 years in sales, operations, research, and mass marketing.

We incorporate crafted, appealing marketing designs that engage and motivate the viewer towards a concept or objective. Now offering 4K video production, HD photography, inspection and aerial drone services tailored for key projects.

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Every project has a story. It is our vision to communicate that story in the most effective way possible. Creative solutions are not only our passion but also the vehicle to facilitate your brands success.

Commercial Property Platform

We will soon launch our secure digital online platform OPP, enabling property owners to effectively operate their asset remotely. Our platform transforms an idle website to a 24/7 "smart" site, improving operational efficiency, reducing risk, supporting tenant growth, and ultimately increasing the value of your asset.

Branding Development

Our complete identity and logo branding methods distinguish our clients and products from direct competitors. Development items can include product packaging, product placement in media, celebrity support, outdoor signage, in-store displays, websites, print ads, product photography and mobile technologies.

Digital Marketing

Sell 2 Close is our ultimate intelligent property marketing system. Offering our diverse team of industry expert marketing pros to coordinate with real estate agents and FSBO's from selling properties to closing. This exclusive platform uses the latest digital marketing tools crafted to target the widest buying markets to effectively sell properties.

A Gallery of Our Ad Works for Select Clients

Our creative process involves working collaboratively with clients at any phase of their business cycle. Some images here are animated and may take some time to load.

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